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Our Blinds

Both Functional and Decorative. With so many different designs, patterns, material and textures to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect blinds to suit your room goals. Start by exploring our entire offering of custom window blinds.

Roller Blinds.jpeg

Roller Blind

Zebra Blinds.jpeg

Zebra Blind

Roman Blind.jpeg

Roman Blind

Some of the most popular designs are blackout roller blinds, light filtering roller blinds & sunscreen roller blinds.

Zebra blinds allow you to transition between sheer sunscreen and solid weave fabric.

Roman Blind run on S-Fold tracks and provide a soft contemporary finish and a luxurious minimalist look to your room.

Vertical Blind.jpg

Vertical Blind

Venetian Blind.jpeg

Venetian Blind

Triple Shade.jpeg

Triple Shade Blind

Excellent choice for large windows especially offices. Our vertical blinds are available in PVC, and Fabrics Material..

You can custom your venetian blinds and combine with different colours. Venetian Blind is made with Aluminium that doesn't rust easily

Triple shade blinds feature fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric facings for complete light control and privacy. 

Timber Blinds.jpeg

Timber Blind

Honey Comb Blind.jpeg

Honey Comb Blind


Dream / Aurora Blind

Durable and resistant to moisture, Choose from beautiful finishes, handcrafted using finest woods from sustainable resources. 

Constructed with honeycomb-shaped fabric cells, which expand and contract when you raise and lower the blind.

A brand new modern blind concept that combined vertical blind and sheer fabric.

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